Meet the Speakers

Industry Insights: Connecting With Homeowners During a Crisis
Hear a breakdown of the logistics and strategy involved in crisis management—protection, prevention, response, and mitigation. There’s a vision of how the housing industry and communities can come together in preparedness, from floods, fires, and earthquakes to COVID-19 and beyond.


Dave Hughes, SVP Customer Care, RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation
Dave Hughes serves as SVP of Customer Care, which includes customer service, delinquency management, disaster recovery, correspondence and complaint management, workforce optimization, and credit reporting. During his tenure with RoundPoint, Hughes has built systems, processes, and controls designed to maximize operational efficiencies, ensure guideline compliance, and deliver story-worthy customer experiences. Hughes has 25 years’ banking and mortgage experience in both servicing and originations. Prior to RoundPoint, Hughes held leadership roles at Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Aurora Loan Services.

Brace Yourself: The Long-Term Impact of Natural Disasters on Housing
Natural disasters can have many effects on a community apart from the damage they inflict on properties. Hear how recent disasters such as the COVID-19 crisis, Puerto Rico earthquakes, and the California wildfires are impacting their communities.


Michael S. Waldron, Managing Director & Chief Compliance Officer, Bayview Loan Servicing
At Bayview Loan Servicing, Michael S. Waldron is responsible for the Compliance and Oversight Department’s management, leadership, and direction as well as the company’s overall compliance strategy. Prior to joining Bayview, Waldron was Practice Leader of Ballard Spahr’s nationally recognized Mortgage Banking Group. With over 20 years’ serving the industry in a wide variety of legal and compliance-related functions, Waldron is known for his ability to navigate the regulatory landscape and build relationships that add value to those with whom he works.


Wes G. Iseley, Senior Managing Director, Carrington Holding Company, LLC
Wes Iseley is a customer service-focused general management executive with proven success leading organizations to profitability throughout all economic cycles. His experience ranges from directing large firms to developing growing companies into industry leaders. At Carrington Holding Company, Iseley is responsible for all external transactions and manages Carrington’s relationships across the Carrington family of companies. Prior to Carrington, Iseley was President of Saxon Mortgage, a Morgan Stanley Company. He worked daily with the trading desk at Morgan Stanley and reported directly to the Global Head of Residential Real Estate. 

Gagan Sharma, President and CEO, BSI Financial
Gagan Sharma acquired BSI Financial Services from a bank in 2006. Prior to BSI, Sharma founded a global outsourcing company serving the financial services and technology industries. He raised institutional equity financing and increased the company’s labor force to more than 1,200 people before selling it. Before that, Sharma was a consultant with Deloitte, advising clients on matters of strategy and operations in the financial services and high-tech industries. Sharma has an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a B Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.  

Reaching Out: How Tech Can Facilitate Disaster Response and Recovery
This panel will discuss response times, improving efficiencies with loss mitigation technology, and how the industry can leverage emerging technologies to assist homeowners in need. Also, gain insights into how the COVID-19 pandemic has spotlighted how operational efficiency and automated workflow technology plays a critical role in disaster preparedness.


Jody Gunderson, EVP, National General Lender Services
Jody Gunderson is focused on furthering the company’s growth through industry awareness of National General’s exceptional capabilities, commitment to compliance, and custom product offerings. Prior to joining National General, Gunderson was part of Assurant, Inc.’s leadership team for over 19 years, last serving as SVP responsible for Enterprise Strategic Relationship Management. She began her career at Bank of America, where she held various leadership roles in banking, mortgage, and insurance, including VP of Bank of America’s Insurance Agency.


Carla Johnson, CEO/Founder, Earthvisionz
Carla Johnson has 25 years’ experience in geospatial earth modeling, environmental hydrogeology, engineering, virtual earth/satellite map web and mobile development, and global green energy initiatives. In 2009, Johnson co-founded Earthvisionz, a location intelligence software company that creates decision support applications for disaster response in a variety of verticals including property management, banking, insurance liability, telecommunications, transportation, and government services. She has been interviewed as a subject-matter expert on CNN, in documentary films, and in publications such as the ​Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine and The Economist. 

Jane Mason, CEO and Founder, Clarifire
Jane Mason is the original architect behind CLARIFIRE, an application that brings all parties within mortgage servicing operations together onto one secure platform is a recognized leader in technology solutions for the financial services and mortgage industries. With over 15 years’ experience in financial services technology, Mason started her career in business operations, quickly becoming an executive of an international law firm. As an entrepreneur and innovator, Mason has received numerous awards and accolades for her service in local business and the national mortgage stage.  

Eric Selk, Executive Director, HOPE NOW Alliance, Support & Guidance for Homeowners
Eric Selk leads a progressive housing association that addresses business, government and nonprofit stakeholders’ desire to assist families avoiding foreclosure. As the Executive Director, Selk provides strategy and leadership between the public and private sectors to address consumer-facing issues, efficiencies, operational risks, compliance, and best practices for broad industry adoption and execution. Its working relationships include CFPB, the Department of Defense, U.S. Treasury, Federal Reserve Banks, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and HUD. 

Afternoon Q&A: The Hon. Brian D. Montgomery
The Hon. Brian D. Montgomery, Deputy Secretary, Assistant Secretary for Housing - Federal Housing Commissioner, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, joins Five Star President & CEO Ed Delgado for a Q&A and discussion of challenges and latest developments within HUD and FHA.


Ed Delgado, President & CEO, Five Star Global
With executive positions at Wells Fargo and Freddie Mac, Ed Delgado has more than 25 years' experience in mortgage banking and is recognized as a thought leader and innovator in the industry. Delgado has hosted discussions on housing and financial markets with various global leaders, including U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, U.S. Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice, and U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson. Five Star Global is the parent company of both the Five Star Institute, a leading mortgage banking trade association providing strategic services to the U.S. residential mortgage market, and The Alliance of M&A Advisors® (The Alliance), an international organization serving middle-market merger and acquisition professionals. 

The Hon. Brian D. Montgomery, Deputy Secretary, Assistant Secretary for Housing - Federal Housing Commissioner, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development
Nominated by President Trump in September 2017, Brian D. Montgomery’s confirmation marks the first time an individual has served as head of the FHA twice, and under three different administrations. Commissioner Montgomery has also been delegated certain duties of the Deputy Secretary. Through this role, he manages the day-to-day operations of the agency and advises and assists the Secretary in leading the Department’s nearly 8,000 employees. With over 30 years’ experience in both the public and private sector, Commissioner Montgomery brings to HUD a deep knowledge of housing issues and vast experience spearheading large-scale policy initiatives.  

Protect Homeowners: Fraud Prevention Resources
There is no shortage of disreputable people waiting to take advantage of those affected after a disaster. This session puts various forms of post-disaster fraud under the microscope, including contractor fraud, foreclosure relief scams, and insurance claims fraud. Learn what can be done to protect both homeowners and the industry.


Lindsey Pryor, Senior Manager of Business Development, Altisource Field Services
At Altisource Field Services, Lindsey Pryor leads strategic product and business initiatives. Pryor focuses on product innovation, business performance, and client satisfaction. Previously, she served as a client relationship manager overseeing operational performance. Prior to joining Altisource Field Services, Pryor held management positions at Bank of America and Nationstar, where she gained invaluable experience in mortgage servicing operations and vendor management.


T. Lowndes Pope, Attorney/Founding Partner, Riley Pope & Laney
T. Lowndes Pope earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Clemson University and graduated from the University of South Carolina School of Law. Prior to forming Riley Pope & Laney, LLC, Pope served as VP of Old Republic National Title Insurance Company with legal and managerial responsibility over the South Carolina operations. Pope is a member of the South Carolina and Richland County Bar Associations, having served two terms as Chairman of the South Carolina Bar Technology Law Committee.

Denia Ray, SVP, MSI, an Insight One Solutions Company
From owning her own business, obtaining numerous prime HUD contracts, and running a $335 million publicly traded company, Denia Ray constantly challenges the status quo. Ray was instrumental in launching the nation's first centralized single-family rental platform in 2009. She also ran HUD management and marketing contracts and national property preservation companies. Ray brings 25-plus years' experience in the government contracting realm. 

Candace Russell, VP, Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC
Candace Russell has 17 years’ experience in the mortgage industry with a specialization in post-default government products. She currently manages post-sale activities for Carrington including property preservation, evictions, title, HOA, VPR, and risk/recovery. Russell has also established “UR:Represented,” a leadership group for women and minorities within the mortgage industry. The group is focused on increasing practical skills for development, identifying opportunities unique to the industry, and creating a support network of goal-oriented peers. 

Paul Swindle, VP of Operations, Mortgage Contracting Services LLC
In his capacity at Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS), Paul Swindle is focused on advancing process efficiencies within the organization, for clients and across its vendor network, as well as helping develop new business offerings for the company’s growing and diversifying client base. Swindle was previously an AVP at MCS, contributing to the planning and execution of strategic initiatives and its overall direction to build upon the company’s market gains. He assumed that role after being an Asset Preservation Coordinator, effectively leading client teams for key company accounts.

Weathering the Storm: Mitigating Loss and Risk After a Disaster
The road to recovery after a disaster is long and winding. In this session, experts talk about how the industry can work with affected homeowners to anticipate and address the many challenges that will arise along the path back to "normal."


Mark L. Stockton, Managing Member, Disaster Relief, LLC
Mark L. Stockton has been a software developer since the mid-1970s. His unique background as both a bank president and real estate appraiser provided the skill-set he needed to create the nation’s first comprehensive banking system as well as automated valuation technology. He continues to develop and enhance solutions for the automated valuation of real estate.


Baker Breedlove, President and General Counsel, IProperty Claims
Baker Breedlove serves as principal legal counsel to IProperty Claims and its affiliates on a wide array of issues ranging from mortgagee rights and hazard insurance claims to investor regulations and compliance. Breedlove volunteers with Jacksonville Area Legal Aid’s Housing Unit, which assists low-income and special-needs groups on a variety of housing and landlord-tenant matters. 

Timika Scott, SVP, US Bank
Timika Scott serves as Operations Group Manager for the Recovery and Loss Prevention areas that focus on mitigating the bank's exposure by preserving properties, managing post-foreclosure, and recovering expenses via the insurer and investor claim process. Scott also serves as US Bank Champion for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion & Ethics Ambassador. In 2019, Scott was a recipient of the Catalyst Award for Council for Inclusion in Financial Services, and she was nominated for Women in Housing Keystone Award by Five Star in 2018. Before joining US Bank, Scott worked for several other mortgage servicers managing Default Operations.

Andrea Kennedy, AVP, Innovative Field Services
As AVP, Andrea Kennedy works to establish, maintain, and deepen vendor and client relationships. She provides support and oversight of the proprietary software utilized by vendors, clients, and the office teams. She also makes use of her strong troubleshooting and execution capabilities to jump into daily operations for all departments within the organization. Kennedy previously served in roles including Vendor Coordinator, Recruiting Coordinator, Mobile Technology Specialist, and Client Coordinator. She doubled the vendor network, ensured vendor background checks complied with client requirements, and worked closely with the contractors in the field daily.

Ryan McGuinness, Director, Mortgage Servicing Policy, Freddie Mac
Ryan McGuinness’ diverse background in the financial services industry includes three and a half years’ experience working for Freddie Mac's Fraud Investigations department prior to accepting a position with the Servicing Policy department. He is experienced in data analysis, mortgage loan originations and servicing, default asset management processes, negotiating and writing contracts, creating, writing and implementing policy, government relations, creating and driving projects, and customer management.